Domain Name Registration

Available Extensions:

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .tv, .ws, .cc. .nu and .us.

With thousands of domains registered each year now is your chance to secure an affordably priced domain for your web presence.

Major domain names are now available for only $15 / year!

Expired Domains:

Don't miss our expired domains list. Here you can browser through or search a list of domains that recently have expired. There is no charge to view these expired domains and should you wish to register one of them you can do so for the regular pricing - $15 per year.

Name Selection Tools:

The name spin tool lets you provide different words to do an intelligent search on domains containing those words with different extensions or ordering.

Multilingual registrations:

Now you can register domains in different languages and character sets for use when such domains are supported on the internet.

Domain Transfers:

In addition to new domain registrations for $15 / year you can transfer domains to dotDNR and extend your domain for a full year for the same price. Start saving today on all of your domain registration needs.

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